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How video game developer Ubisoft makes play a serious part of work

Few adults get to play video games at the office, but if you’re Jade Raymond, managing director of Ubisoft Entertainment SA’s Toronto office, you can expect a lot of time in front of a screen. One of the few recognizable female faces in the gaming industry, she’s helping to build one of the best game development companies in the world. Raymond showed us how the Toronto studio makes company culture a priority while continuing to expand rapidly. (Photos by Derek Shapton)

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{ from eggental to pustertal }

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Last year, I fell in love with a very fancy book about the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. Well, that book is now ready to buy (for everyone, not just those who backed its Kickstarter), and it looks amazing.

It’s not just a coffee table book full of pretty photos and technical diagrams, though. There’s a book book in there too, written by The Guardian’s Keith Stuart, which interviews Sega employees there at the time of the console, some of who (along with the news and info they reveal) are spilling secrets we’ve never heard until now.

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The snowman came out a little differently then expected.



The snowman came out a little differently then expected.

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it is no easy thing to wear a crown.

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Digital Illustrations by Artem Rhad Cheboha

Our Quarterly boxes are now $50 $30. The next box will include a hardcover photobook of Brandon C. Long's Polaroid photography and one lucky subscriber will receive a Polaroid camera and a pack of Impossible film: quarterly.co/art 

Great photos ;3

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Gravity Falls.


Gravity Falls.

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