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A.V. Club talk to Lizzy Caplan & Alison Brie about cancelled Community porno

  • AVC: Alison, you mentioned on the Nerdist TV special that there’s a Community porn parody.
  • AB: Well yes, I’ve recently heard an update about this, and I’m bummed. Here’s what it is: They shot a Community porn movie, but it’s never going to be seen, because they’re not going to distribute it, because not enough people know what the show is. Dan Harmon interviewed the girl who played Britta in the porn version of the show, and she was like, “Oh yeah, none of us knew what the show was, we still don’t know. We were just there to do our job.” I think we were all really crestfallen, like, “What? You didn’t research the show?”
  • AVC: They’re not real fans?
  • AB: I was more disappointed that no one will ever see it.
  • AVC: Those are not dedicated porn stars.
  • AB: They’re even benching our porn.
  • AVC: You may not have as many viewers as some of the other shows that are parodied, but maybe your fans masturbate 10 times as much.
  • AB: It’s true; I bet we have some good masturbators in our group.
  • LC: Career masturbators.
  • AB: I’ll just have to rally some troops and shoot my own. Lizzy’s going to star in it with me.
  • LC: Alison’s totally going to make a porno.
  • AB: I’m going to make Community porn. Lizzy Caplan’s going to play Annie, and I’m going to produce it. I’m not going to be in it.
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